Dating a royal enfield bullet

Modern emissions laws, in India as well as Enfield’s main export markets, which with some irony included the UK, made it increasingly difficult for the venerable old motor to stay legal, and after some interim modifications such as a lean-burn cylinder head, the company finally took the plunge and designed an all-new engine, complete with fuel injection, five-speed gearbox (with a modern change pattern) and wet, multiplate clutch.This is what powers the latest Bullet, a bike that marks a return to Enfield’s core appeal in its export markets in the past two or three decades: classic biking on a budget.Car And Bike cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage/loss.You don’t have to buy a classic to get an authentic feel of Fifties and Sixties British bikes.A range of other models have been offered in the past few years, modified by the importer to produce a variety of styles and types, but the prices have been climbing as these became more costly to modify.This basic Bullet, though, is just £3,995, down in scooter territory yet with a half-litre engine, and it’s pretty much as it comes out of the Chennai factory. The question now is, how much like the old, original Bullet can the latest one be, given its modern, emissions-compliant engine and updated frame and running gear?Draper I have a1982 Enfield 350 I know it is a Indian bike , I would like to know the model is it a bullit or what, the serial number on the 253711 the orinanal color is blue , I think, thanks Wil.

The Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest production run of any motorcycle having remained continuously in production since 1948.A machine dating certificate can be issued if the information supplied matches that in these ledgers.By: Chad I am looking at an Indian but can't match the serial numbers any where just want to know year and model frame number 5494 and motor number smr4363 any info would be appreciated Date: By: Wil.Use our Motorcycle Finder, below, to get everything you need from 2004 to present.Looking to find the perfect deal on a previously-owned Used Royal Enfield Motorcycle For Sale?

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