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How many top 10 German festivals have you crossed off your list? Berlin International Film Festival The world’s second largest international film festival after Cannes has one massive advantage over its French rival: you don’t have to be invited to watch the Berlin International Film Festival’s 400 films (mostly European and international premieres) as anyone can buy tickets online via their website. is held at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, in the south. Oktoberfest It’s beer, beer and more beer, as well as traditional Bavarian foods, oompah bands and lots of men wearing ) where the first Oktoberfest was held.

If you’re going in a group of 10 or more to this massive beer festival in Munich, think about reserving a table – free of charge – in one of the 30 beer and food tents (afternoons are the least crowded times).

Some variations like the rondel dagger were strong enough to puncture armour and had no edges at all, essentially an ice pick on steroids.

Another branch in the dagger’s evolutionary tree was the stiletto, whose slender, pointed, double-edged blade made it a stealthy, lethal weapon.

If you’re feeling lucky (and rich) then check out the website. Karneval, officially starts from 11 November at 11.11 to the following Ash Wednesday, but the main celebrations start on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

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You'll see the German festival spirit first-hand at any of these top 10 festivals in German.

There are plenty more top German festivals to experience, where you can join your German counterparts in celebrating everything from beer to books.

Taken out of context, many readers believed that the fake news report was actually true.The 19th century development of railways in what is now Germany is very much like the story of any other European country—except Great Britain—and German railways played an important part in the nation's history.Only 6 years after the famous Rainhill Trials near Liverpool in England, demonstrating the practical feasibility of steam locomotive traction, the first German railway was opened in 1835 in Nuremberg, Bavaria, a kingdom in what is now southern Germany.By the Middle Ages, the term dagger had been coined to describe one of the most common types of fixed-blade knives.It was meant to be thrust at an enemy rather than slashed.

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