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The general consensus of even the most doubting researchers is to accept a "1350" date as the beginning of the "undisputed" or documented history of the Shroud of Turin.This also happens to coincide with the approximate date determined by the 1988 carbon dating of the cloth.Biogeochemistry 100: 121-137 P, Schnabel C, Scott EM, Summerfield MA, Xu S (2007) The SUERC AMS laboratory after 3 years.The history of the Shroud of Turin can be best studied by dividing it into two specific 44 (0)1355 270022, general 44 (0)1355 260037, fax.44 (0)1355 229829 Email address Head of NRCF (East Kilbride) Application of radiocarbon for:- Long AJ, Strzelecki MC, Lloyd JM, Bryant CL (2012) Dating High Arctic Holocene relative sea level changes using juvenile articulated marine shells in raised beaches.Otherwise you may need to resend it when we acknowledge receipt of the application.

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The Facility has existed since 1970, and is now hosted by SUERC.

Photos: Daniel Schillereff Monday afternoon was more ‘hands-on’ and in fact, by the end of my three-day visit, I had been lucky enough to observe and attempt first-hand each different stage of sample pre-treatment.

Callum Murray, the lab technician with whom I was working, was brilliant throughout, explaining each step in detail and with admirable patience.

Details of the application process are given on the Project submission page.

Applications will be graded by a panel appointed by NERC/AHRC which meets twice a year.

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