Updating wood paneling Sexarab cam

This application might look spotty and uneven but as long as the entire surface is covered you’ll end up with a flawless finish.We do not recommend water-based primer for this step as oil-based formulas are stronger and more durable so no grease or wood stains will come through and ruin your finish. Once your thin coat of oil-based primer dries, apply one thin and even coat of latex paint with a high quality roller and again use a paint brush to get into any cracks and crevices that the roller misses. Feel free to snuggle your spouse, dance with the dog, or do anything else you normally do to celebrate a job well done. It’s definitely one of the cheapest and most dramatic ways to snap a room into the 21st century in under , so don’t be surprised if you amass more hours of complements than it even took you to transform your room in the first place. Is there any paneling near you that’s about to be freshened up with some crisp clean paint?UPDATE: I may have found a great solution, just need some $$ to do it.Saw this website, Ceilume, on another blog (Dixie Delights) that I featured in one of my Feature Fridays and they used a drop ceiling in their basement.Or, design a bathroom that is completely up-to-date with all of the latest technology, statement features and sculpted fittings.

Often overlooked in the style stakes, bathrooms can easily reflect your personality just as much as any other room.

That seems to be my best bet on this one, but I will probably live with them for awhile and then change them out.

I haven’t even priced them out, so I need to take one down and haul it with me to Lowes to see what they have that will fit this grid.

And remember: Design is all in the details, so don’t forget to consider all of the little extras.

Everything from tiles, to splash backs, flooring and even soft furnishings all make a big difference to the look of your brand new bathroom design…

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